Facebook Business Pages Tutorial For Beginners

Facebook Business Pages

Why should you be on Facebook Business Pages? Simply put, you will gain immediate access to millions of subscribers, viewers, readers, potential buyers, and new clients. The possibilities are endless!

Who is not on Facebook these days? Honestly, few people don’t have a Facebook account. With billions of users all over the world, probably all or most of your potential customers and target market have Facebook accounts.

This is why having a Facebook Business Pages is vital. Your target audience would see a profile page that highlights your brand. The page will show them information about your business through your status posts. You would also be able to promote and build a connection with your customers through comments and messages.

Facebook Profile vs. Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook profile for your business would mean that you would still need to add your potential customers as a “friend,” so you can connect with them and see each other’s posts.

A Facebook page needs “like” instead of adding friends. When any of your page followers “like” or share an activity on your page, it will show up on their news feed as well as their friends’ news feed, thus promoting your page to another set of audience.

Facebook Business Pages Take Things To a Higher Level!

Facebook Business Pages also shows important details about your business, such as location, hours, products and services, and reviews from customers.

Additionally, having Facebook Business Pages for your organization will give you the following benefits:

Once You Have Added Your Location, You Can Make Posted Events

A Facebook event is an excellent way to let everyone know about a happening that will be taking place in the future. Maybe, your business has a Valentine Day special sale or a Halloween party. Using Facebook events saves you a lot of time and money. It even tracks RSVP for you since people can register for your event.

People Can Easily Find You On FaceBook

Having a Facebook page improves your search engine rankings. With the use of Facebook’s internal search feature, even people who are not members of Facebook can easily find you. Also, since your Facebook Page is public, search engines like Google include it in its search results.

When People Utilize The “Nearby” FaceBook Feature, You Will Also Appear In The List

Appearing on people’s “Nearby Friends” would let people know or discover your business when they are within a certain proximity from your location.

You Can Add Your Address On FaceBook So Your Customers Can Check In And Let Their Friends See Once They Visit Your Business

If you have a storefront business or a physical location, it makes perfect sense to create a business page and add your address. Businesses with physical locations such as retail stores, coffee shops, or restaurants would benefit a lot from Facebook check-ins, the same as they would benefit from using Google My Business.

Your customers can check in on your Facebook page when they visit your location, and their Facebook friends will see these check-ins. It would work as a word-of-mouth marketing as it can entice those friends to visit your business as well.

You Can Have Private Conversations With Customers

Use the click-to-Messenger ads to get your customers to message your business. Utilize Facebook Messenger to communicate directly with your customers. When customers post a question on the comments section, you can reply instantly with a personal message. Keeping messages private is important, especially if it involves details like an order number.

Ask People To “Like” Your FaceBook Page By Sending Invites

Inviting people to like your Facebook business page is the easiest way to increase your Facebook followers. When they receive an invite, they will know of your business’ existence and most likely check your page. 

You Can Send Emails To Your Customers To Let Them Know About Your Page

Facebook also allows you to do email marketing from your Facebook page. You can directly email your customer list and ask them to join your Facebook followers by liking your page. 

You Can Use Post Boost Or a FaceBook Ad To Promote Your Business Page

A FaceBook business page allows you to boost your post so you can reach more people. When you boost a post, FaceBook would automatically convert your post into an advertisement. In boosting a post, you need to set a budget and choose from two options: People who like your page and their friends or People you choose through targeting. The next option is best when you want to drive traffic to your website.

FacebBook’s Ad manager, on the other hand, allows you to create and customize your ads. Compared to boosted posts, your Facebook ads will appear in more places like mobile newsfeeds, Instagram, or Messenger. Creating an ad, however, requires more legwork.

Both have a lot in common so it just depends on you, which one you would like to use.

You Get Page Analytics

Facebook offers a free audience data analytics resource called Facebook Insights. You can measure your “FaceBook Business Pages” performance through this tool. It tracks your page views, likes, reach, and a lot more. The tool will help you identify who your most engaged viewer segment is and whether you have the right page content for your target viewers.