Marketing On Instagram – How To Go From Zero To Hero!

marketing on instagram

What Exactly Is Instagram?

Instagram is a networking service for sharing your photos and videos. Instagram users can use this app to take videos or pictures of anyone and anything and share those privately or publicly on the Instagram app. Another social media platform (Facebook) acquired Instagram in 2012.

The Instagram app allows you to upload and edit your photos and videos. You can add captions to your posts, use hashtags or geotags to make it easily searchable and you can link it with your Facebook account so whatever you post on IG (Instagram) would also show in FB (Facebook).

At this juncture, there is the regular Instagram profile and then there is business side, which is, Marketing on Instagram, which we’ll get to in a moment!

Talk About Popularity!

Instagram is currently one of the most popular and powerful online tools used by many companies. Advertisers regularly share their stories to catch the attention of the audience and drive business results.

Here are a few guidelines on how to utilize Marketing On Instagram for your company.


Create Your Marketing On Instagram Account

Of course, to access and use the platform you first need to have an account. When you open Instagram, you will see these two options: Log in with Facebook and Sign up with Phone or Email. Since you are opening a business account, make sure to use your business email, so your Instagram business profile will not link with your Facebook personal profile.

Amp Up Your Brand On Marketing On Instagram!

Creating a cohesive business brand on Instagram is one of the best ways to get more followers and attract your target audience.

Here’s what you need to know, to create an effective brand, your brand’s postings should include content that show your personality. This allows you to form a stronger connection with your audience.

It should also show your brand values, such as what guides you and what you care about the most in running your business. This makes the audience know that you are not on Marketing on Instagram just to sell. It would also help if you share your brand’s story to build brand trust.

Show off your expertise about your product by giving free advice or recommendation to engage your target market. Of course, make sure to post content that promotes your product and services.

Get Your Vanity Instagram URL

A vanity URL is a user name that you assign to your account or the page dedicated to your business. Having a personalized vanity URL would make it easier for you to establish your brand presence and identity. It is also a means for your prospective buyers to interact with you as they can easily reference your page and promote it.

Interact With Your Existing Customers As Well As Potential Customers

Be active in boosting audience engagement. Reply to comments, even a simple thank you would make them aware that you value their feedback. Utilize the likes and shares to contact potential customers.

“Like” posts or content relevant to your product or business and leave a positive comment to the account owner. That would make him or her aware of your business’ existence, and if they find it connected with their interests, you have found a new follower or a new customer.

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Make Sure That You Have An Instagram Widget On Your Website

You may already have thousands of followers on your Instagram page, but probably thousands of customers and potential followers also visit your website.  Add an Instagram feed or widget on your website so these visitors can get a glimpse of your creative and engaging Instagram content. This inspires them stay on your website longer. They might even provide testimonials and they may start following you on Instagram.

Post Business Related Videos And Pictures

Although good content shows off your personality as well, make sure that your Marketing on Instagram posts are business related. The goal of your business account is to engage your target audience and promote brand awareness. Do not confuse them by posting images or videos not relating in any way to your product or business.

Post Regular Instagram Updates To Increase Traffic To The Business’ Website

Instagram is for in-the-moment content. Make sure that you stay relevant to your audience by posting regularly. Keep them engaged by making sure your profile is up to date. Keep them informed about any updates on your product or business to make them interested enough to visit your website.

Use Business Keywords To Optimize Your Marketing On Instagram Content

To ensure that people will find you on Instagram, use your business name and put keywords in your name. Think of target keywords that your potential customers or followers would most likely use.

Also, do not forget to utilize Instagram’s feature that allows you to add profile links or hashtags to make your page easy to find and follow.

Use Word-of-Mouth To Promote Your Services And Raise People’s Awareness of Your Brand

The word-of-mouth marketing is not an entirely new concept. In fact, a lot of advertisers are still using it. With social media’s influence, it has amplified the power of word-of-mouth advertising.

In word-of-mouth marketing, you will be utilizing your customers or followers as marketing agents of your brand. Using Instagram, they will be sharing your posts to their friends, or they will give great reviews about your products and services. Most consumers like to read users reviews before deciding to buy.

For a successful word-of-mouth marketing, make sure that your product meets your customers’ expectations.

With all of it’s perks, Marketing on Instagram can generate tons of leads, sales and traffic to your business and help it grow. Used correctly and strategically, Instagram for marketing becomes a powerful media platform that utilizes visual content to creatively market your business’ products or services and get reactions from your audience.