Social Media Marketing Plan – 9 Steps To Boost Your Online Influence!

social media marketing plan

Every Social Media Marketing Plan for businesses should include Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn at a minimum. Once these accounts are created, the next step is creating a Social Media Marketing Plan so that you stand out from the crowd.

How are you going to make your accounts stand out above the rest? It is a task that is easier said than done. Here are a few ways to make your presence felt:

Join a Specialized Network

To find people who have a common interest, join a specialized network. One good example would be Facebook groups. There are Facebook groups that are for dog breeders, and there are also some groups that are for online sellers. Whatever your passion may be, there is a group for you.

Set Social Media Marketing Plan "Goals!"

It would be great if each of your social media posts has a goal in mind. For example, you set a goal for your Facebook post to reach 200 likes. That would certainly motivate you to share the post to several Facebook groups until it reaches that goal.

Get Links

All big Brands,  companies, major influencers have Social Media Marketing Plans that consist of linking up with others to expand your Brand.

One good strategy is to get a link from those types of businesses and influencers.

All it takes is one such connect for you to go insanely viral!

You can promote their link on your social media accounts, and they can promote your link on their accounts.

It is a good strategy that would benefit everyone involved. Another idea would be to put your link in a blogger’s post. Of course, the post must be related to your product or service.

Also, if you have a lot of friends, ask them to share your links. It will put your posts at the top of Google rankings, and that is a huge help.

Ask Many Questions

It is always a good idea to interact with other people on social media. Who knows? Your brand may even become a topic at a popular message board. Of course, you must ask questions that are relevant to today’s issues so that people will answer them as opposed to viewing you as a spammer.

When you ask an interesting question, other people will certainly research what you have to offer. The old saying, “There is no harm if you “ask” holds true even on social media. However, you need to avoid asking too many questions as that can be annoying. Remember to ask the right question at the right time, and you will get good answers. Remember, be strategic and savvy when deploying this social media marketing plan.

Utilize Social Media Dashboards

Social media dashboards can help you with your posts. Not only do they help you schedule your posts, but you will also learn which hashtags to use. Be advised, some of these applications do have a learning curve. That stated, they will help you remain active on social media even during times when you are asleep.

A good example of Social Media Marketing dashboards is HootSuite; their dashboard has a short learning curve and can put you in the social media driver’s seat in a short time.

Another way to put this is, scheduling your post weeks and sometimes months in advance is a crucial Social Media Marketing Plan that you MUST implement. Not doing so will make you become tied to your computer, laptop and smartphone 24/7.s

Make a Back-Up

Since it is the Internet, anything is possible. Yes, someone may hack into your account and destroy everything. Thus, it would be a splendid idea to have a back-up profile. DO NOT neglect this part of your Social Media Marketing Plan! Always remember, there is your main profile and a back-up one. The back-up profile does not have to be very active. It is just there for emergency purposes. When something happens to the original, direct your attention to your back-up profile.

Improve The Looks of Your Profile

Research tips on how you can make your social media profile more presentable. Remember, other people may stay on your profile more if they see that you put much effort into making it great. The opposite may happen, though if it looks very amateurish.

When you see the part where you need to put information about yourself, better expound on it. Nobody will take you seriously if you only put in a sentence or two. Additionally, make sure to put good pictures in your gallery.

Never post pixelated or blurred pictures to any profile as that would give you a bad reputation. Better to use a good camera in taking the pictures instead of suffering the consequences. Remember, the Internet will show you no mercy on such slip-ups.

Install Helpers

The purpose of helpers is for everything to get accomplished faster. When your post attracts a lot of attention, people will reply to it. Some of them may get angry if you don’t reply to them immediately, though. Thanks to these helpers, you will be able to reply to them immediately. Most users love interacting with brands, so it is a big plus for them if you reply to them quickly.

Know What Your Audience Wants

You must cater to a certain target market, and you need to know what they want. If you don’t give them what they want, they may easily unfollow you. Remember, they are your bread and butter, so it is important to take care of them.

This is about to get techie, but you will need to decipher the Social Media Analytics to determine the demographics of your audience. This is all part of a strategic Social Media Marketing Plan! You need to know their age, gender, earning income, spending power, education attributes and more. It won’t hurt to check out their feeds to know and understand their interests.

Once you get grasp what they want, you can see if it is manageable. Of course, you can’t risk your business if you can’t deliver what they want. You can only do it if it is within your budget, and you have the necessary tools and skills to deliver what they are demanding.