Social Media Marketing Is The
Fuel That Ignites The Internet

successful social media marketing

Social media is an undeniable platform for sharing a wide range of content online. Over the years it has grown its reach and influence throughout the world, stretching to people from all walks of life, regardless their age or circumstances.

The Internet is easily accessible through cheap data plans. Anyone who has an iPhone, Android, or another type of smartphone can connect to the Internet and start engaging socially within seconds.

Social Media Marketing Brings POWER!

With this much instant power, it was inevitable that social media became and will remain a powerful marketing tool for businesses and organizations.

Social media platforms have made instant communications through blogs, vlogs iPhones and Androids, commonplace. There is also enough opportunity to earn through social media marketing, and some have made a career out of it as influencers.

What Exactly Is Social Media Marketing?

Let ‘s look into the marketing aspect of social media. Marketing is defined as the process of building a relationship with anybody willing to listen. Traditionally, this was achieved through TV and Radio Ads, newspapers, magazines, flyers, and posters.

In marketing, the goal is to reach prospective buyers/clients/customers and let them know whatever it is you have to offer. Social media marketing has changed the way we used to market.

When combined, social media marketing implies using the extensive reach of the Internet to market your product. All you need are accounts where you can upload pictures or posters, articles, and videos to share to your target market.

There are numerous social media platforms available for your use. Among the most popular sites are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube For Business, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter.

To expand your reach, these and other sites allow paid advertisements that essentially target a demographic of your choosing to advertise your products and services.

Moreover, as careers go, many have tried and are successful in becoming influencers, paid by companies to make reviews, videos, or share their products to their followers.

How Do You Market Through Social Media?

Social News

This is probably the elementary form of social media marketing. It’s easy as pie, tagging articles and blogs for submission and circulating them around though that share button at the end of every form. You can also go for automated sharing to make it easier.

Even though it is easy, this is still one of the most effective social media marketing strategies, especially for company blogs.


One of the traditional marketing approaches was sending reviews for products to several newspaper and magazine outlets for printing. Unfortunately, print newspaper and magazines are a dying breed. Fortunately, almost everybody refers to online reviews for products; making blogs an effective social media marketing tool.

In the beginning, blogs were written and posted online mainly for reading enjoyment; not so much as a marketing strategy. However, since they garner massive traffic, businesses have jumped on the bandwagon. Isn’t it time you grabbed your piece of this massive pie?


Today, video blogs or vlogs, in short, can make a person, event, product or place go viral with a blink of an eye. These are videos that convey various types of information, whether it be selling stuff, tutorials on how to do things, travel tips, unboxing products, or reviewing products for consumption.

Vlogs can be income generating too. Not everybody can vlog, and when you are good, you will be paid to do it. It can also be cost efficient for those who constantly need to travel to sell things.

Take, for example, book tours. Instead of spending money going around, you can record it on video and share it online for those interested.

Social Networks

Being a part of any social network is almost a requirement nowadays. It has become a community where everyone can meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. These social networks connect billions of people at a few clicks.

Generally speaking, to get started, all you have to do is set up a profile, and tell the world about yourself, your company, organization, or whatever information you need the world to know. It doesn’t stop there.

Maintaining a profile will also allow you to post updates to your followers. Furthermore, the best part is, most social media platforms promote interaction through comments and in-app private messaging.


Although late in the game, Twitter has undeniably established itself as one of the most reliable sites for information sharing. Tweeting is fast and easy. With its limited characters, the site controls the quality of data being shared.

Speaking of sharing, retweeting an item is very easy, therefore, making it one of the fastest platforms for social media. It also encourages communication between users and has been a source of great entertainment.


Probably one of the most powerful social media platforms is YouTube. As of this moment, nearly 5 Billion videos are watched on YouTube daily. Those numbers are staggering! Through the YouTube GUI graphical user interface, users can record and upload high-quality videos about themselves, their business, family life, dating, or whatever.

So, why do only 9% of businesses use YouTube? The answer is, they don’t know how. Video marketing is not for the faint of heart. It demands a myriad number of skills from scriptwriting to acting to video editing. However, the payoff is worth it.

Why Use Social Media For Marketing?

The Internet provides us with an endless list of opportunities. It’s no longer just an avenue for personal use; it is being utilized by individuals and companies alike. All you have to do is prepare your material and upload it to the proper social media platform.

Just a simple clicking of buttons and you have the chance to reach millions, interact with them, and establish an economically beneficial relationship. Consequently, Social Media Marketing is the fuel that ignites the Internet.

Another highlight that makes social media attractive is the ability to link your profiles between different social media sites. With this feature, you can upload through one site and simultaneously share it to your other platforms; this makes marketing super convenient.

These are some of the reasons social media marketing is a powerful tool that will increase your bottom line and help your business grow exponentially.