Top Social Media Sites To Get It Poppin!

Top Social Media Sites

What You Need To Know About The Top Social Media Sites

Every business needs a social media presence; starting with the top social media sites is a great way to expand your brand. The more relevant social media sites your business is on, the more impressive is your reach and recognition.

Whether you run a small business, large or otherwise, social media presence is a vital aspect of your organization as the most authoritative marketing strategy.

The various well-recognized social media sites increase your customers’ awareness about your business and make it easier for your brand to connect with them. They further help you by increasing the number of your fresh leads, email signups, and sales.

Social media is a trend that is here to stay for decades to come. Over the next seven to nine years, we will see new social media platforms, and we will see some platforms fade away.

However, social media will stand the test of time. This hot phenomenon is accredited to increasing the number of social media users worldwide; it is time to make the most of these top social media sites to boost your sales and enlarge your reach.

Importance of Having a Presence On The Top Social Media Sites

It is imperative to assess the top social media sites to determine if it will be profitable for your brand and business on a particular platform. Some companies are not suited for Pinterest, while others may not fit Instagram.

Understanding which platforms your targeted traffic and online visitors actively use is a crucial aspect of your success.

Undoubtedly, FaceBook is currently the largest social media site with a visitor base of more than two billion people worldwide. Over sixty-five million businesses have pages on FaceBook, with over six million businesses actively promoting their brand on this social media platform.

Setting up a “FaceBook Business Pages” and maintaining it with creative advertisements designed to drive traffic to your offerings is relatively easy. Even newbies can expect results on par with the seasoned social media marketers via FaceBook with the right FaceBook Ads. And, of course, boosting posts on their FaceBook Business Pages.

Making The Most of FaceBook, The Biggest Social Media Platform

However, it is also essential to ensure that your campaigns and the other classifications of content like images, Livestreams, texts, videos, and stories comply with the FaceBook algorithm, emphasizing content that inspires your audience’s interactions.

This is because the most prominent social media site is following the footsteps of Google to prioritize content that is relevant to their searchers and users.

Therefore, understanding FaceBook’s algorithm for optimizing the content you post is essential. The algorithm ranks all the posts on the user’s News Feed concerning the likelihood of the users having a positive reaction.

How does the FaceBook algorithm work? It is based on the following aspects:

  • The inventory of all available posts ready to be displayed.
  • Predicting the reactions the posts might receive.
  • Information regarding the post.
  • The score of each post factoring in the aspects mentioned above.

Another standalone app of FaceBook is Messenger, which is growing as an effective means of promoting businesses where a brand can advertise and implement chatbots to personalize the user’s experience. Using FaceBook’s messenger for promotions is a unique way of connecting with your target audience.

YouTube Has The Second Largest Base of Users

With close to 1.9 billion users, YouTube is just a little behind FaceBook in terms of the scale and reach as one of the top social media sites. In the not-to-distant future, YouTube will have equal standing with FaceBook, making it especially important for businesses to have their presence on this social media site made known. That is why posting videos for your target audience is a must.

You can start with the search suggest, a feature of YouTube where you can type in the phrase while the suggestions are lined up on the search tab. These are the ideal keywords that your target audience is interested in. Creating videos that are relevant to these search terms will increase the rankability of your videos.

The other means are following the rankings of viral and popular videos related to your business and adopting the keywords implemented in those videos. By taking this step, you can drive floods of traffic to your website based on the keyword research performed by your competitors.

Also, make sure that you search for the top-performing keywords in Google because, often, Google prioritizes YouTube videos over other forms of content like web pages or blogs.

When your videos make it into the SERPs, the number of views dramatically increases. However, it is essential to understand that Google will only reflect YouTube videos on the SERP for certain kinds of keywords. Consequently, performing keyword research on YouTube and Google is vital.

WhatsApp Is One of The Top Social Media Sites

WhatsApp also makes it into the top social media sites list with more than 1.5 billion users to boast while operating in more than 180 countries. Originally, WhatsApp served as a social media platform connecting families and friends; it only recently evolved as a hot social media App for promoting businesses and brands.

Despite this chatting and sharing platform’s commercialization, it remains the preferred means of communication and sharing among the larger population globally.

WhatsApp has emerged as a promotional site for businesses – inspiring them to set up their business profiles to provide customer support to their clientele in addition to the other app options.

WhatsApp is now providing the WhatsApp Business application designed for small-scale enterprises and WhatsApp Business API For medium and large-scale industries and organizations.

Instagram For Business!

More than just pictures, Instagram is rapidly transforming into one of the top social media sites; currently, it’s just a little behind WhatsApp. Instagram started as a photo-sharing social media app and evolved into a messaging, image, and video sharing platform. It is quite common for businesses to have an Instagram business profile showcasing their brands.

And, maintaining Instagram as a top social media site for your business gets easier with some of the third-party Instagram post scheduling software applications.

When you have a business account on Instagram, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for you. You can access all the app features meant for businesses while acquiring valuable insights that will enable you to determine the engagement of your target audience.

By using Instagram to promote your brand or business, you will be building a community with your target audience while presenting your products and services to them. You will also be able to increase awareness about your brand while banking on your brand loyalty.

Twitter This!

Twitter is a prominent social media tool used to promote products, businesses, and brands. As a social platform for tweeting entertainment, sports, political news, and more, Twitter emphasizes sharing real-time messages people can respond to in real-time. Twitter has also evolved as a social media site that businesses use to provide customer service.

LinkedIn For Business

LinkedIn has outgrown its startup persona as a platform for professionals to share their resumes and profiles with potential employers. Businesses today are using this social media platform to promote their businesses to the business world.

There are numerous ways to advertise your brand on LinkedIn. You can post content, videos as well as place ads.


Another wildly popular social media app is Snapchat business; it is gradually evolving as one of the top social media sites for promoting one’s business. What makes it different from the competition is that it enables the users to share short videos and images with their friends where the content shared is referred to as snaps.


One of the platforms that differ from all the other top social media sites is Pinterest. The Pinterest business model is using crisp and compelling images to influence and impact purchasing decisions.

Having an active presence on Pinterest will help your business only if your target audience actively uses the platform. You can indirectly promote your products and services by posting useful information and relevant content to captivate the viewers’ interest.

Working With The Top Social Media Sites

The social media platforms are plenty, but the trick lies in narrowing down the top social media sites that best benefit your brand and business.

Determining your target audience’s persona will undoubtedly help you handpick the best of the top social media sites to promote your business effectively.

REMEMBER, it is essential to concentrate your time, energy, creativity, and funds ONLY on the top social media sites that highlight your target audience and that yield the greatest return on your investment.