The Ultimate Quick Tutorial To Google My Business

Google My Business

Why Google My Business? These days, people do almost everything online, such as paying bills, banking, and even shopping. No wonder, it becomes a necessity for every business that they are available online. Most online consumers search in Google before deciding what and where to purchase.

Almost everyone has a mobile device. Smartphone surfing has become widely used. In fact, most people are using mobile devices (about 56%) to surf the web as opposed to using desktops. It is important to note that mobile and desktop search results differ.

Local listings appear higher in mobile results than in desktops results. If you have a local business, you will benefit a lot from appearing in those local search results.

When you list the information of your business on Google My Business, it will most likely appear in the local listings and featured in Google Listings, Knowledge Graph, Search, and Google Maps. This means more Internet visibility for your business.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool that allows you to manage the appearance of your business on Google Maps and Google Search. You need to add the name of your business, the location, and hours of operation.

It also allows you to monitor customer reviews as well as reply to customers. You can even add photos to give your customers more visuals of your business.

What Businesses Can You List On Google My Business?

Hybrid Business – They have a storefront and service area, for example, a pizzeria. It would have stores that you can visit to eat, and they have a delivery service that can cater to designated locations.

Individual Practitioners – These individuals offer their practice to the public, like a lawyer or a doctor or an agent of real estate.

Service Area Business – These businesses provide services to customers at specific locations such as locksmiths, florist, plumbers, roofers, etc.

Storefront Locations – These businesses have an actual store or physical location. They have a specific address that customers can visit during their operating hours as listed.

Businesses that do not contact or interact with customers in person are not eligible for Google My Business listings.

Benefits of Using Google My Business

Business Listing And Location That Is Google Verified – A completely verified location and the listing would make your business easily found. It also connects you with your target audience.

Listing in Google Maps – A business listed in Google My Business also automatically appears in Google Maps. With the Google Maps location system, once your business appears in the search results, your potential customers can check your distance from their location, and they can easily find you.

Ranking in Google Search – Google ranks the local listings based on relevance, prominence, and distance, depending on your business’ available information online. Listing your business in Google My Business is an excellent way to update your online information so it can rank higher.

Review Management – Users review are crucial in business as they can either attract more customers or discourage them. Google My Business gives you the ability to turn those reviews into customer interaction since you can respond to them.

Analytics Dashboard – Google My Business would let you know your listing’s performance. It can show you who and how many people viewed your page, as well as how these people engaged with you.

Google My Business Mobile App – Google My Business now has a mobile app so you can easily manage your business listing. You can use the app in different ways to optimize your business. You can update any information about your business; you can create and publish text, pictures, or videos for your customers, you can manage and respond to customer reviews and a lot more.

Google My Business Messaging – Google has added Messaging to the different ways you can connect with your customers. Google My Business allows your customer to directly message you when they find you on Google Search results.

Google My Business Posting – Google My Business allows you to create Google My Business Posts. They serve as mini-ads for your products or services.

A post normally consists of text, pictures or videos and a call to action (examples: Book, Buy, Sign Up,) that delivers a message to your existing and potential customers. You can even share your post in social media platforms to increase the visibility of your business.

Google My Business is an important tool that can help boost your business, and the best part is, you do not have to pay anything because it is free.