Boost Your Pinterest For Business With These Hot Tips

Pinterest for business

Pinterest for Business is one of those social media marketing sleepers that many business owners are snoozing on. You can find out the things you want to do, plan, or buy on Pinterest.

You can connect with other people through your shared interests, values, tastes, hobbies, and passion.

It is now one of the fastest growing platforms for sharing online content. It is also one of the hottest social media platforms to market your products. Business can use this popularity and growth surge for marketing their business and increasing their consumer base.

Like any other social media platform, Pinterest for Business can help lead traffic to your business website as well as create brand awareness.

What Exactly Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the social network platforms. It works by letting users visually share and discover new interest by posting (pinning in Pinterest terms) pictures or videos to others or their own virtual collection of pins, called boards. You can upload content from your desktop or mobile device, or you can use the Pinterest bookmarklet to pin things on the web that you find interesting.

Same with other social networks, you can follow the boards of your friend, comment, or like on their pins, re-pin their content, or share those pins on Twitter or Facebook.

Majority of Pinterest users are women, but currently, there are now boards that show male-oriented topics and interest. Examples are hunting, fly fishing, cigars, etc.

With its increasing user base, you can use Pinterest for Business for new brand marketing techniques. In fact, a record showed that as much as 50% of people who saw a Pinterest pin promotion bought the item.

Benefits of Using Pinterest For Business

Button for “Add a Pin” – You would need to know the exact URL in order to pin an item from within the Pinterest platform. This can be challenging if you like browsing a bit before deciding to pin. To make pinning from different sites convenient for you, Pinterest allows you to install a “Pin it” button on your browser’s dashboard. You can then browse around, and if you find something interesting, you just click on your “Pin it” button, and you can pin the image to your board.

You Can Create Boards That Promote Your Business – Your Pinterest boards are your virtual bulletin boards. You can customize it according to your taste. Pin your own products and services and share it with other users.

Since you can create different boards, group your pins into various categories based on your target audience (moms, students, kids) to create a virtual catalog for your product. This would make it easier for your customer to browse, and you can easily promote it to the right audience.

Verify Business Website And Location – Keep in mind that of course, for your business, you need to have a Pinterest for business account. Make sure that you have verified your business website and address on Pinterest. Once verified, you now have access to Pinterest’s analytics tools, and you can start creating ads. Your pins will also have a direct link to your account as well as your business profile photo.

Pinterest Pinning

Apps pins: This is the newest addition to Pinterest’s rich pins. Apps pins let you share the apps or download them directly.

Article Pins: With its visual nature, Pinterest is also a good platform for written content. Article pins mean that the article tells a story and has original content. It usually includes a story description, a headline, and the author.

Movie Pins: If you are a movie buff, you will love this rich pin. These pins display additional details about your pinned movies.

Product Pins: Shopping has just become so much easier with Pinterest. Product pins are rich pins that will show you the product’s current price, whether it is in stock, where to purchase it and a link that will bring you to the pinned product’s page.

Place Pins: These are special rich pins (pins that have information attached to it) that allow you to add a location and a map to existing or new pins.

Recipe Pins: Users can find any recipes and discover new ones on Pinterest. Recipe pins are rich pins that include virtual recipe cards. These recipe cards contain items like ingredients, cooking time, etc., to make viewers check your website for additional details.

People often use Pinterest as an information resource for things they plan to purchase. This makes Pinterest for Business the perfect social media platform for displaying your products and services. It is also an effective means of introducing your business to a huge audience that has spending power.